Southwest Louisiana’s top contractor

for civil and industrial construction.

For more than 30 years, HD Truck & Tractor has been the trusted, high-capacity contractor for heavy civil and industrial construction in Lake Charles and the surrounding region.

Whether lending ground support or leading a project from greenfield to grand opening, we pave the way to your success.

Full Service Civil and Industrial Construction

HD Truck & Tractor brings a full-service approach to civil and industrial construction that starts with expert site preparation. We go deep with the analysis and engineering required to build a firm foundation in our region’s alluvial soils. And from the ground up, we get even better.

Our typical scopes of work include landscape-scale drainage and shoring, damming and dredging for commercial and municipal properties. We pave, curb and bridge by the mile. We beautify, irrigate and illuminate public spaces. We build docks, levees, bulkheads and marinas that extend the reach of our commerce and recreation into the Gulf.

At HD Truck & Tractor, nothing in the built environment is beyond us.


We partner with City Hall and community residents to create beautiful public spaces and repair critical city infrastructure on time and on budget.


From reducing traffic congestion or enhancing pedestrian safety. Our road projects improve drainage, lighting, signage and aesthetic appeal. We also have done revitalization and reconstruction projects.


Our proven ability to serve the needs of Lake Charles petrochemical and bulk materials industries will make us your first and final choice of contractor.


We have completed many of drainage projects. From increasing the capacity of drainage ditches. To installing a 54′ long 23′ wide aluminum box culverts. 


Whether improving commercial access to the Gulf or protecting inland properties from storm surge, our long experience in marine construction is your advantage.


We create some of the the finest properties for for professional sports, championship golf courses and multi-use parks.



“HD Truck & Tractor is a very well managed company, with a team of qualified field superintendents. The equipment they use on the job is typically modern and equipped with the latest technology. That’s important, because it significantly improves efficiency and accuracy. They are also very accessible. Hiram is usually located on the job, typically 12 hours a day, even weekends. We enjoyed our working relationship with them; there was always an open line of communication and they worked well with other engineers, contractors and the owner.”


–Chuck Stutes, Project Manager, Meyer & Associates Inc., Sulphur Engineer, Golden Nugget and L’Auberge du Lac Casinos


Our reputation built on
reliability, respect, and trust.

Since 1982